UMA Oils: The Ultimate Skincare Luxury

Which part of yourself do you look at the most? And the answer is your lovely FACE.

I have always felt most conscious about my face, so when I started to get blemishes and pimples, I searched hard to find a natural product that will not have any side effects.

I am most in love with the idea of Farm to Face, especially given that it is increasingly hard to find such true products these days.

Many brands claim to be such, but with a closer look at the ingredient list, they prove to be otherwise.

The truth about how I found UMA Oils begins with Cult Beauty. I am paranoid about anything I put on my face and I was determined to find the best, so I looked under the serum section and started my search from the highest priced items available. Now, it was time to take a closer look at the ingredients. While reading through the ingredient  list of each product, UMA and African Botanics stood out to me because of their powerful, natural oils. I then went on to explore the UMA website and ended up being truly impressed with their story. Now, this is a decision that I am glad I made.

But I have to admit that I was nervous having spent so much on a face oil that I have never tried before. The first oil that I bought was the Ultimate Brightening Face Oil, their most popular one I believe. I chose this because one of its main ingredients is Rose Essential Oil and I have heard a great deal about this precious oil.

I received the oil at the end of October 2016 and have been using it ever since. Its been more than four months now and there is still some left for another month or so. Last month, I passed it to my boyfriend to try out after he started having a series of breakouts. He hasn’t returned it since, after seeing such a dramatic change in such a short period of time!

During this time I was travelling, so I had to postpone ordering a new bottle until I got back home. I immediately placed an ordered for the Deeply Clarifying Face Oil once I got home because my skin was in such a terrible mess from all the travelling and tortured by the absence of its favourite oil. Oh and I was so excited that Cult Beauty was giving away deluxe samples of the Ultimate Brightening Face Mask that I always wanted to try, together with a 3ml bottle of the Ultimate Brightening Face Oil during this time.


I am now happily writing this post with glowing, supple, plump, beautiful and hydrated skin that I can’t stop looking at. Now that’s more like it.


The Deeply Clarifying oil feels like it has a ‘thicker’ texture that the Ultimate Brightening oil, both only require you to use three to four drops each time and they have the divine, signature UMA smell. It smells so therapeutic that I stop for a few seconds in between massaging my face to smell the oil.


These oils work best to rid your face of pimples and blemishes, even a new, nasty  pimple will subside in a day or two. Truly, I have never seen this amazing side of my face before using these oils, they make your skin the best it can be. I have introduced it to both my mum and boyfriend who have seen the results themselves, and the deluxe samples that I received on my latest order will be on their way to Indonesia to my sister who is having a bad series of breakouts. What I love is that they transform your skin from within, so much so that I have begun to use it all day, instead of only at night. It works well under makeup too. I especially love to give my skin a good massage with a generous amount of oil before a long flight. No more dehydrated skin when travelling. It does not feel or look oily on the skin.

I tried the Ultimate Brightening Face Mask today, and it was nothing short of amazing as well. After sometime, I wiped it off with a warm cloth to see my skin glowing and feeling so smooth, followed by a nice massage with my new favourite Deeply Clarifying oil. The whole process just gives your spirit a lift. You feel so good about you entire existence after it.


  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Pros: 100% organic, vegan, and free from synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, GMOs, and mineral oils (Source: UMA)
  • Cons: None whatsoever.
  • Would I repurchase? Yes. Only…for the rest of my life!
  • Final thoughts: Holy grail..what holy grail? This is the best god damn skincare out there. It may be a bit on the expensive side but if you really do want to go the extra mile and spend some money on something that you are going to thank yourself for on the long run..spend it on this face oil. I highly doubt there is a more effective, luxurious one.




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