MAC Studio QuikTrik Stick: Fast Forward NOW 

Fast forward?! Yeap. You can now forget about rummaging through your makeup bag looking for your highlight and contour palettes with MAC’s fabulous new Studio QuikTrik Stick.

Each stick is double-ended with two colour options, one on each end and retractable. There are a variety of options for different skin tones and purposes.

Talk about versatility!


The original release has six options, with shades that can be used as a blush, bronzer or to highlight and contour.

MAC released two new pairs as part of the Make-Up Art Cosmetics collection with Diane Kendal for Spring/Summer 2017.

I felt that the shades in the initial collection were too light to be used as a contour on my NC45 skin and I wasn’t into the blush tones, so I was ecstatic when they launched deeper colours in the Diane Kendal collection.

These babies are very, very creamy and they blend out with no effort at all. Saving you a ton of time blending that contour. I use the highlighter shade on pretty much anywhere I want on my face and blend it out for a gorgeous, ethereal glow.

Easy peasy, I blend using only my fingers! Because it’s just that easy.

I am not a fan of highlighters because they exaggerate pores but this one adds a subtle, blurred glow to your skin.

I picked up the Sheen / Smoldering pair. It has the darkest brown in the range and a very wearable highlight shade.

Sheen – Very light pinkish champagne shimmer.

Smoldering – Matte deep warm brown.

When you’re in a rush, this Stick really does come in handy. Just pop open the cover, dab it on your face and blend. Voila you are good to go!

I do want to try some of the other colours only because I adore this creamy, dreamy formula.

It is of course on the more expensive side, the original collection retails for RM 169 and the Diane Kendal collection for RM 181. I know that that’s more than the price of a MAC foundation.

But I do believe it’s worth it if you’re constantly on-the-go and want a product that works to simplify your makeup routine. You can use your fingers to blend it out which is great. That’s how I blend out the lighter colour. No makeup brushes, just fingers. But I do use a brush for the darker colour.

Anddd I love the packaging. The packaging of this one with the gold lettering definitely looks more luxurious than the original collection. Hence the extra dollars, I guess.

Swatches (Top: Sheen, Bottom: Smoldering)

  • Left: Under sunlight.
  • Right: Under natural light.
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Pros: Great creamy formula, very easy to blend, saves you precious time.
  • Cons: Price.
  • Would I repurchase? Yes, because I love the highlight shade and the other options look delicious too.
  • Final thoughts: It is great for all of you who want to speeed up (yes I know, I deliberately added the extra ‘e’) your makeup routine. It is not a must-have but if you do want to try something more unique from MAC , then this is a good option.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some useful information out of it. xx


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