MAC Girl Boy Brow Set: Lighten & Set To Perfection

Right out of the tube this colour can look a little intimidating, it looks like a shimmery golden blonde. MAC describes it as a fawn blonde.

FullSizeRender (16)

MAC’s Brow Set is also available in Clear  and Show-Off (full-bodied brown).

I decided on this after watching one of Sonjdradeluxe’s Youtube tutorials.

What MAC says it is?

A brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape. Adds shine and style. No flaking or stiffening. Tinted or clear. Also grooms lashes, sideburns and facial hair.

  • Waterproof
  • Long-wearing, 8 hpurs
  • Flake-proof and smudge-proof
  • Non-clumping
  • Transfer-resistant
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Safe for contact lens wearers


I’ve been using this a lot lately because I love the effect that it gives, it tints your eyebrows to about two shades lighter so they look really nice. It is something different that I have never tried before.


FullSizeRender (20)

The brush resembles a mascara wand, it’s the same as the brush of the Clear Brow Set that I also happen to love very much.

Super easy to use and it picks up just the right amount of product.

Note that when using this, less is more because it is pigmented. The amount of product you get with one dip is enough for both brows.

What does it look like on me?


First photo collage

I filled in my eyebrows using MAC’s Veluxe Brow Liners in Velvetstone and Deep Dark Brunette and then I set it with Girl Boy. As you can see in the ‘After’ photo, my brows look lighter. 

Second photo collage 

I set my natural brows using Girl Boy. The pic in between shows what it looks like once you put the product on, before blending. Blending is key here.


But it does not look like this right after you put it on. With this Brow Set, there is a technique to get it right and for this you will need a clean spoolie.

Do not use the brush of the Brow Set to blend the product on your brows. Only use it to deposit the product onto your brows.

Then, use the clean spoolie to brush out the product evenly throughout your brows.

Since my brow hairs are black, it does look way too light when you first put it on. But do not be afraid, all you need to do is follow the technique I mentioned above.

Remember, only use the Brow Set’s brush to deposit the product onto your brows. After, brush out the product evenly using a clean spoolie.

The more you blend, the more natural and even it will look.

I have never thought of this ‘lighten your brow’ method before but it is very interesting and I am in love with the results.

This product is for those of you who want to have more natural looking brows after filling them in with a pencil or pomade. If you dislike the overly sharp and stark appearance than this is for you. 

MAC’s Brow Set retails for RM 85 and can be found HERE for those of you shopping online in Malaysia, they are available in stores too.

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Pros: It does all that it claims, brows stay in place all day, a little goes a long way so the product should last you a while.
  • Cons: None actually, MAC’s Brow Sets always nail it.
  • Would I repurchase? Yes, always, especially since I’m rocking more natural brows now so these are great to hold those brow hairs in place.
  • Final thoughts: Love, love, love. These Brow Sets are a must in my kit, you will never turn back once you’ve discovered how great they are. Perfect for all-day wear, they keep your brows looking groomed and full.

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts, do let me know if you’d like me to review / write about any product. xx



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