MAC Battle of the Highlighters: Mineralize Skinfinish vs Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Now, I am going to take my time to write this post because when you put two of the best highlighters against each other, you better be giving some pretty accurate information as both of them have their own legion of die-hard fans.

I’ll let you arrive at your own conclusion at the end of the post based on  the details that I’m about to give you.

So, here’s what the two look like next to each other. (Left: Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle, Right: Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh,Darling!)

FullSizeRender (20)

The Mineralize Skinfinish (photo below) which I have in Soft & Gentle is dome-shaped similar to its sister, the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which I absolutely  love, it is arguably the best powder at MAC.

The Extra Dimension Skinfinish (photo below) which I have in Oh,Darling! on the other hand, has a flat surface with M.A.C repeatedly embossed on it in three rows towards the bottom and it has 1 g lesser product than its contender today.

I have  to be honest with you, I bought it after seeing all the hype on Instagram and the Mineralize Skinfinish, I bought also after  hearing rave reviews about it.

They will both steal your heart away at first sight, that much I can assure you.

FullSizeRender (24)

I bought Soft & Gentle first, and I was a little scared at the beginning because it looked like one of those highlighters that you can spot from outer space.

Oh,Darling! was less intimidating because I had already learnt how to use the other one.

You have to use a light-hand with both and always dust off excess powder from your brush before you go ahead and swipe it all over your face.

MAC describes Soft & Gentle as a gilded peach bronze, although I don’t see any hints of bronze in it and Oh,Darling! is described as a metallic gold which is super accurate because it is every bit the golden goodness that it’s described to be.


I swatched them on my hand the other day for photos and then went on to do some chores without wiping them off.

I hand-washed a bunch of clothes and at the end of it realised that Oh,Darling was still there! But Soft & Gentle was long gone.

It is fair because MAC claims that the Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Oh,Darling!) lasts up to 10 hours but no such claim is made for the Mineralize Skinfinish (Soft & Gentle) which is claimed to give you a high-frost, metallic finish, true indeed.


This photo was taken under natural light on NC45 skin.


While, the photo below is a screenshot from a video that I showed you guys on my Insta Story the other day.


Final Thoughts

Okay, here it goes. Soft & Gentle (Mineralize Skinfinish) is beautiful, it is a highlighter for those of you who want your highlight to be noticed. It is a tad bit harder to blend because of its’ high-frost finish, but this is definitely my go-to for a blinding highlight.

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish is available in 5 different colours. You can find it HERE, if you’re shopping online in Malaysia.

Moving on to Oh,Darling!, my new favourite (I sound so bias already). I would only choose this above that because of how easily it blends out.

In terms of pigmentation they both rock but Oh,Darling! is definitely more long-lasting.

When you live in forever-hot Malaysia, you totally need it to be somewhat sweat-proof to last you a good few hours.

My favourite way to apply both is with a damp Beautyblender Micro Mini.

Now, I’ll leave it to you to decide which one you like best! I hope you enjoyed this post and got some useful information out it, till we meet again Xx

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