20 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME: 100 Likes Appreciation Post

Let’s dive straight in!

  1. I am a Malaysian. I live in Malaysia as well.
  2. My mother is from India.
  3. I eat Oat Krunch cookies everyday.
  4. I spend a good few hours researching about MAC every single day.
  5. The country I’ve traveled to the most is UK.
  6. The country I’ve found most interesting is Sri Lanka.
  7. My dog follows me everywhere, even to the toilet (and then it waits outside).
  8. I have a younger brother.
  9. I cook Briyani and curries.
  10. I love baking and I make my own soap bars too.
  11. I built my own closet. (Yes, the whole entire works from sawing and painting the wood to drilling and fixing wall plugs).
  12. If I have to stay somewhere, the first thing I check is the toilet. (5 star only please, which makes it hard for me to go on frequent unplanned trips).
  13. The reason I love MAC = I find that their makeup is always, ALWAYS reliable and matches the description of what they claim it to be.
  14. I don’t know how to drape a saree, and I am not proud of it.
  15. I can read and write Tamil but people hardly believe me when I say that because I mostly speak English.
  16. I studied in an all-girls schools all the way.
  17. My favourite skincare brand is UMA because their products work amazing and are completely natural and organic. I can proudly say that I have very good, clear skin that looks great without makeup. I wrote a post about it some time back , you can find it HERE.
  18. None of my blog content is sponsored.
  19. The state that I live in does not have a MAC store. There is a Sephora, but I never ever shop there. Over-priced with extremely unfriendly employees (Hello, Sephora AEON Klebang). I can only speak from my experience with that particular store, the others might be fine, I don’t know.
  20. I used to wear braces and I loved it.

Thank you for continuously supporting my blog and showing me love!! Xx

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